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Top Difficult UK Bicycle Competitions

For some people, cycling is a relaxing activity in which they gently pedal through the countryside. However, a large proportion of the cycling community yearns for a painful challenge. They want a competition that tests their endurance and determination. Throughout the year, several UK-based bicycle events will exhaust even the toughest riders.

Etape Cymru

Taking place in North Wales, this uphill event is one of the most challenging ones in all of Britain. Cyclists have to travel 88 miles, with much of this distance being tricky climbs. It is common for legs to seize up before reaching the finish line.

The Exmoor Beast

Named after the fictional cryptid, this event takes place towards the end of the year. This means that cyclists will most likely have to endure harsh weather conditions. It is a distance of 100 miles. Around 20 percent of that is uphill climbs.

Bealach Mor

Set in the Scottish Highlands in late August, Bealach Mor starts off relatively easy. However, riders are confronted with a gigantic spike in the middle of the event. The Bealach Na Ba has been described by professionals as the most challenging climb in all of Britain.

Saddleback Fred Whitton Challenge

One of the first challenges is even gaining entry into this elite event. This is a scary 112-mile ride. It takes place in the Lake District during the month of May. Towards the end, cyclists have to face 25 percent gradients.

Enhancing Your Cycling Experience

While the thrill of these gruelling challenges is undeniable, it is also very important to remember the importance of recovery and relaxation. After a long day of enduring harsh weather conditions, and battling steep gradients, there is nothing quite like reflecting on your achievements and unwinding.

Reward Your Victories

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